Nyrstar smelter site environmental upgrades

September 27, 2020

As part of Nyrstar’s new licence, the smelter has made a commitment to increase communication about the work we are doing to improve the site’s environmental performance. Here is a snapshot of some of the things we have done in recent months.

George Street Wind Barrier

Our community is subject to dry and windy conditions. Wind blowing from the north is the main avenue for dust entering the community from the smelter. Placing dust and wind preventive barriers on our northern most boundary – George Street – greatly assists in reducing the movement of dust into the community from this direction. The George Street property is large – originally used as a laydown area for the redevelopment. Its main feature now is a large earthen mound that has been constructed along the periphery. The back bone of the wind break is a row of native pines placed about 1 metre apart which will eventually interlock to form an effective dust barrier greater than 10 metres high. Other natives grown at the Nyrstar nursery have been planted along the sides of the mound to assist with stabilizing the mound, which will also eventually completely cover the area creating a living green environmental barrier.

Environmental Improvement

✅ Creation of clean fill earthen mound – 170 m long and 2.5m high (3m wide at the base)

✅ 120 Native pines planted on top – 3 rows planted along southern face – an additional 350 plants in total

✅ Plants propagated at Nyrstar nursery and planted by TLAP

✅ Area hydromulched and irrigated to maximize growth opportunities and further minimize dust movement.

Entrance and Site roads upgrades

There are many kilometres of roads around the smelter used by both light and heavy vehicles – everything from utes and fork lifts to Double B trucks and front end loaders. The roads are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and circumnavigate every part of our production chain. They get an enormous amount of use and are subject to a lot a wear. While these numerous vehicles are important, their movements are a big contributor to on site dust movements, due to the dusty nature of the site environment. Some of this dust ends up in the community. To minimize this impact, we deploy a fleet of road sweepers that operate around the clock to wet road surfaces and remove any dust that has accumulated. However due to this constant use, road surfaces deteriorate and become harder to clean and maintain.

Environmental Improvement

✅ Resurfacing of site roads – 27,574 m2 to date – further 10,000 m2 in coming months

✅ Purchase 2 new vacuum road sweepers

✅ Purchase 2 mobile fog cannons

Visit the Nyrstar Port Pirie Environmental Reporting Portal website  for real time data, reporting, current notifications and contact information on Nyrstar environmental plans and performance consistent with their commitment to transparency.

The Port Pirie redeveloped facility features state-of-the-art, proven technology currently installed at more than 25 sites globally. Nyrstar began a new chapter on 31 July 2019, when Trafigura became majority owner of Nyrstar’s operating business, excellent news for both Trafigura and Nyrstar.

The Redeveloped site ensures Nyrstar remains Port Pirie’s major employer, the most significant private sector contributor to the community and the region and a substantial contributor to the State’s economic output.

© Port Pirie Come See Change 2020
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