The largest crane in the southern hemisphere at the new Port Pirie smelter construction
The largest crane in the southern hemisphere at the new Port Pirie smelter construction
Redevelopment for a sustainable future

The AUD $660M Redevelopment of the Port Pirie Smelter will see the facility transformed into an advanced polymetallic processing and recovery facility which will deliver a step change improvement in environmental performance.

The smelter has been a marginal business for a number of years with very limited profitability and also an uncertain future.

However with the Redevelopment changes will occur in three specific areas:


We expect the new business model to contribute to a significant uplift in profitability of the business.


The new technology will positively impact on both the operational performance and the environmental performance of the operation.


It will also have a positive impact on the community health in terms of blood lead levels ensuring a continued licence to operate.

This will transform the business from an aged lead smelter to a polymetallic facility, which will enable the processing of a wider range of materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.

This Redevelopment will deliver a fundamentally different business model for the site. The redeveloped operation will be capable of processing a wider range of high margin metal bearing feed materials.

The Port Pirie redeveloped facility will feature state-of-the-art, proven technology currently installed at more than 25 sites globally.

The Redevelopment ensures Nyrstar remains Port Pirie’s major employer, the most significant private sector contributor to the community and the region and a substantial contributor to the State’s economic output.

Construction of the state-of-the-art polymetallic processing and recovery facility