Nicole was “born and bred” in Port Pirie and it’s evident she has a passion for her job and her home. Like so many before her, after attending primary and secondary schools she left her home to forge a career in Physiotherapy studying her Degree at the  University of South Australia. However, like so many young people who start their lives in the country, the city life wasn’t for her and on the completion of her degree she wanted to return home to the country “as the city had never been like home”. Nicole is parochial about Port Pirie and says anyone who has spent time in the city has a positive image of the town and those who leave like herself, often return.

Nicole’s job enables her to travel throughout the region providing children with physiotherapy like young Delilah, and in addition, she spends 2 days weekly at Lealholme Helping Hand where she has seen change first hand with the recent completion of the expansion and addition of Regent House a new memory support unit. She is also excited about the other changes happening in the community, the Nyrstar Redevelopment which will provide a sustainable secure future for the community and the region, something that other close communities do not have, and the Sporting Precinct Redevelopment which is another exciting possibility for the town “which also has the potential to help with junior development and involvement in sport, something I’m passionate about in my profession. It also has the potential to attract higher level sporting events”.

Nicole’s family live on a property just out of town, and says “it’s lovely to have an area of your own space while still being just a short drive into town”. She relishes the country living, the sport and the job opportunities living in Port Pirie provide and encourages you to experience and enjoy her home as much as she does. “ Port Pirie and the Mid North area has plenty of things to offer if you look for them. Our family has a large range of interests - harness racing, horse riding, go-kart racing, netball, fishing, waterskiing, dog obedience and all of these things are available close to home. Why not come and see for yourself”.

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