Jake is kind of shy. He is a quietly spoken young man, on the cusp of his twenties about to leave his teenage years behind. If you were to meet Jake and make the time to listen he will tell you why he loves Port Pirie.

Jake loves that Port Pirie is close to places he likes to unwind. Camping, four-wheel driving and getting back to nature are all within reach.

Every day Jake goes about his work in the community, he sees change. Behind the gates at Nyrstar Jake sees the transformation unfold with the changing skyline and outside the gates Jake notices the changes emerging in the streetscapes of the city.

The great Australian dream of one day owning a home of your own is almost a reality for Jake and his girlfriend. They are busily inspecting houses currently on the market in Port Pirie. Options are aplenty, with many affordable houses waiting to become first homes for people like Jake and his partner.

Jake contemplates his future, his family and change in Port Pirie “All this change is going to be better in the long run, better for families and children will benefit.”

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