It’s not uncommon for generations of the one family to have worked at the Smelter, and David certainly fits that mould with both his grandfather and father having worked there – his father still does. In fact he’s optimistic that now the redevelopment of the site is well underway, it may well provide future job opportunities for his young son or maybe even his grandchildren in years to come. Starting his career as an Operator in the Refinery over ten years ago after completing both his schooling and an apprenticeship in Port Pirie, David has now been selected as an Senior Operator and Relief Team Leader in the new TSL Furnace and Acid Plant. As part of his training for his new role David with some of his work colleagues, recently travelled to Bulgaria to see firsthand similar technology in action, with his excitement level lifting a notch as a result as “there is plenty to be excited over in the coming months and years for not only our smelter but for the broader community.”

About the Redevelopment David says “The first thing you notice is the skyline- in the past all you could see heading back into Pirie was the stack,  now it is the stack and the new TSL building. The town seems to be a buzz with lots of chatter when different modules are seen being brought down the river. The redevelopment has seen security for our Region and people are more at ease knowing that the redevelopment means the smelter is here to stay for a while yet!

The laid back lifestyle, easy going friendly people and the closeness of the community is something David truly loves about ‘his town” and he considers it the perfect location being only two hours from Adelaide, a stone throw to the Flinders Ranges and a short boat trip away from some of the state’s best fishing spotsif you can get the marks off a local”. David considers himself “proud” to “live in a community that rallies behind its people and the community spirit is second to none”

In years to come David is optimistic that the stigma around lead in blood and air quality will be a thing of the past and that Port Pirie will be known around the world for its state of the art clean operation. And if you need any convincing to visit then David has this advice “If you are looking for a friendly laid back lifestyle then Pirie is the place for you. No matter what you hobby or lifestyle Pirie has something for you! Nothing is more than a few minutes away and if community spirit is what you are after than look no further than Pirie!

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